BookerBase 0.2 Leap of faith

Finally! After nearly 2 months of the customer need pivot BookerBase is ready for the next experiment. The very first version of BookerBase is online. It took much longer than the usual MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) Mostly because there is a lot to this platform that I simply wanted to do. In the end I am glad I did because after this experiment it will be easier to scale up or add functionality to it.

What is ready in this version:

Profile page (see for an example)

Create your own BookerBase
Add Books to your BookerBase (using the google books database)
Edit your BookerBase
Share your BookerBase

A lot is also still not in this version, in fact you can do very little in this version. Even though I am anxious to add more, I really want to do this based on the feedback from real users. So if you are looking for a way to organize your books: visit, create a profile and please tell me what you think!

Final Chapter: BookerBase 0.3 >

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