BookerBase 0.3: Deploy fast, deploy often

Two weeks ago the first version of BookerBase was launched. This version was far from a finished product and was full of bugs. Never the less I decided to launch it anyway.

After launch I received a lot of feedback as to how it worked (and mostly how it didn’t work) and some of the bugs that I knew were still there popped up, as well as some new ones. However some of the issues I thought would come up didn’t. This is exactly the reason why I launched! Prioritizing is probably the hardest thing to do when you are this deep in a product.

Here’s an example of how this early launch helped prioritizing. I tried to make the interface as clean as possible, so I eliminated everything that was not necessary at the moment. Therefor I did not have a save button, instead your profile saved automatically and when you didn’t have a profile yet, it would ask for you to create one once you added your first book. From a UX point of view this is a good way to do this, guiding people through the process and giving the appropriate feedback at the appropriate time. However, almost everyone who gave feedback, gave feedback about this; they hated it. I would have never prioritized this as high as I did now so I am glad users were able to give feedback at this early stage. Of course this feature is sorted in this release with a save and preview button.

Members Save



In this phase, the process is different than what I usually use. Whereas the usual 400 minutes process is more like scrum and focusses on getting an end result, this is more like kanban and focusses on getting as much done as possible. For this I use a lot of the Getting Things Done method and for instance put everything in my ‘inbox’  in wanderlust. Every task is small, and if it isn’t it’s broken up into small tasks.


The next step


After this update we I hope there will be a lot of new feedback. Until that time, it’s time for a new project, I am not entirely sure what it will be but it will have something to do with a dashboard.

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