BookerBase 1st 400 minutes

First of all I have written a small part about why it seems that when an idea matures the 400 minute loops becomes bigger: Feedback on this is always welcome.

This spiral doesn’t mean that after one week the ‘rules’ change. Not at all, every week has 400 minutes, after every 400 minutes a working product should be available. However, after the first 400 minutes a product is ready enough for a test, after the next, this is no longer viable.

How does this work with bookerbase? I tried simple websites to do customer research and I think I know enough for my first leap of faith. In this leap of faith I do believe that when I build a user friendly way to archive your books, people will actually appreciate and do that. So that’s what I am building this. After one week I built something that allows you to look up books and add them to a collection. This however does not yet allow a lot of things that are necessary for it to work, for one it doesn’t allow you to save your collection, so when you navigate away, your collection is gone. Also it doesn’t allow for sharing, modifying and really basic functions like that. I estimate that I need another 3 weeks for this (each basic function is approximately one week) but I do aim to be done after each week and I do. For now you can create your first dummy collection here:

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