The build-measure-learn spiral

If there is one thing wildly adapted from the lean startup it must be the build-measure-learn loop.


Build - Measure -Learn
The classic build measure learn loop

The idea is to minimize waste throughout this loop and the fact that this loop is widely known is awesome. I think it’s awesome for two reasons; 1. its a process that puts enough focus on producing something, and 2. its iterative.

However I find this image to be deceiving. What I noticed is when idea’s iterate the loop gets bigger and bigger every time. So I would like to introduce, the build-measure-learn spiral.

Build Measure Learn Spiral


After each revelation, each fase gets bigger. Also in the end it leads to ‘something’. I think that something is what you set out to do in the first place,  you achieved your bigger goal, or at least got satisfied by how close you came to it.

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