Building the worlds biggest library

Who says a 400 minutes project should be small? Like I mentioned in the previous post: Pivot ( The 400 minutes process is changed slightly. What changes is that I take 400 minutes to create a true MVP, rather than a finished service or product. With the MVP I will test out the idea, and either pivot, persevere or terminate. I used leancanvas, to sketch out the business model (haha!) and found that people are interested in lending books from each other. However, nobody is going to lend his or her book to a stranger, just like you wouldn’t rent out your apartment to a stranger. So this week my MVP is testing out ‘the airbnb for books’ but really the bigger picture is that it would be simply freaking awesome if we could make the worlds largest social library.

After day 1 I already got the first sketch, registered the domain ( and started to build it. It is in dutch, simply because it is easier, and easier to test!



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