http://www.iktwijfel.nu/ (dutch) is for people who cannot decide. I got inspired by the way people ask lots of seemingly meaningless stuff on twitter and decided to build a nicer frontend to it.

400+ minutes: done!
This is probably the ugliest and the worst website I made so far AND it took longer than 400 minutes. I think I skipped the design too fast which led to spending far too much time building front-end.

200 minutes: halfway done
http://www.iktwijfel.nu/ a lot of the html stuff is done, now we need to add a database and a few more pages.

120 minutes: Ready to start building

80 minutes: first visual design steps

YES! Finally a new concept again. Last weeks concept still is a secret but I will announce it soon! This week: “I noticed that things like #durftevragen and facebook polls are very popular” Why not use the internet when you doubt about or between options to help you choose!

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