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Leenboek has reached a pivotal phase. We can go two ways, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask you for some guidance. Here’s the dilemma:

Lending out books can be viable. I managed to lend them out for a ridiculous amount of money. The book I lent out costs € 20,00 in the store and I lent it out for €9. Of this, €5 was shipping costs, which is way too much. So there’s a few ways to solve this, either get the shipping costs to go down by for example not making people send the book back but rather forward it to the next reader or making people order more books at once, which makes the shipping costs per book a lot lower. So I could continue with a price pivot and see how it fans out.

On the other hand being the ‘library’ was never the idea and has some serious drawbacks. For one it would make me the librarian, and my house into a storage facility for books, neither of these things are very appealing to me. So there was the idea of people providing their books online. In the 2nd experiment I found out that people were not interested in a platform to lend out their books. However, in many talks I had about this idea, people told me that the platform to organise their books is interesting. So that would be the pivot, customer need pivot. What I did, I took the ‘needs’ people told me in the past weeks and turned it into a new landingspage: BookerBase

So here you come into play; I don’t know whether to continue with bookerbase or price pivot leenboek. So I made an iktwijfel.nu question and added a poll here. Whichever you prefer, should I continue with leenboek or bookerbase. Let me know: 

What should be the next step?

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Blijft toch lastig, als je die ingevulde survey leest van die ene persoon die dat boek van Andy wel wilde lenen, dan lijkt er toch een markt. Zelfs de prijs was goed (volgens hem/haar dan). Maar misschien: meer adwords, meer boeken en een lagere prijs… dat zou nog bewijs opleveren of het wel of niet werkt. Je zou sowieso de prijs al kunnen halveren door het boek niet meer terug te vragen (dus oude boeken uitlenen) en er 2 nieuwe voor terug te vragen.. ofzo… maar je houdt dan de verzendkosten… lastiglastig.

Michiel Sollet

I read about BookerBase and tried to think of alternatives and similar systems. As far as I know there are none that are as good as this idea has potential. You have Calibre and iBooks for digital books and Amazon for real books in some extend. I am sure there are better real book alternatives but I don’t know them.

I am thinking of a organize system meets imdb-books. Lots of obscure tagging, tag suggestions, automatic metadata enrichment and a recommendation engine on different criteria. Of course you will need to be able to just take a picture of your book to enter it in your collection. Will you need to be able to form book clubs and discuss about the books, find similar social reading groups, simply rate your books and have an as engaging as Pinterest interface.

Perhaps it’s a bit much for 400 minutes. But I see lot’s of potential 😀


Boeken lenen / uitlenen levert 1 voordeel op: minder volle boekenkast. Maar voor dat doel bestaat er ook een bibliotheek. Als uitlenen zie ik vooral op tegen het stukje verzending: inpakken, naar postkantoor…. Heb ik een tijdje gedaan toen ik boeken verkocht via bol.com. Kost altijd meer tijd en bakpapier dan gedacht. Als je dan onvoldoende overhoudt aan deze bijbaan, wordt de effect algauw teveel

Patrick Plaggenborg

Wow. Nice work Richard. Great real world customer development.

Personally I really like your challenge of making lending books easier. It’s about sharing ‘assets’ (for free or for money) instead of having them. In the same philosophy as Airbnb, Peerby, Toogethr, Snappcar and other sharing apps.

The book database might be useful. However, there are some existing websites. What would your UVP be?

I think solving the lending challenge is the coolest.
But it’s about a working business model as well of course 🙂

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