Leenboek Experiment 3 is live – Pivot

First lets recap what I am trying to build here. I think by creating an awesome website I can make the first real social /internet library. I tried to call it “the airbnb of books” and I think that really explains best what it should be. Together, we can be make the worlds biggest library.

Riskiest assumptions

For this to work there are some assumptions I made. The first one was that people actually want some websites to lend books. Basically, the assumption is that there is a need? I got the idea for this by reading a twitter stream with a tweet like this

I am looking for a website to lend books from. Does anyone know any?

Pretty straightforward, but also pretty n=1. So I built the first website where people could register. People did, much more than I expected. There is a need.

The second riskiest assumption I then wanted to tackle is to see if people were willing to lend out their books. So I built a small website to add your books to library database, just to see if people would.

The results

Over a period of a week I did some advertising. The ads I created have been displayed over 11.000 times to people who were searching on relating keywords. Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 15.45.02For instance I targeted “sell books” but also clear out bookshelf. From all impressions, 65 people clicked on the ad, which was also targeted to the keyword. For example the key word “sell books” had the ad “trying to sell your books? – Lending them out will pay better”

Out of the 65 visitors, 4 people registered. These 4 people have added 0 books to the database.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 15.04.40





There’s little to no need for renting out your books. You can still see the experiment here: http://www.leenboek.nl/sprint3/uitlenen2.html


If people don’t want to lend books to each other, why shouldn’t I be the one lending out the books. That initially was the question I tried to answer anyway.

I am quite sure people are interesting in lending a book from someone, and that someone could be me. However I am not so sure if people are willing to pay money for it. So this is experiment 3.

Experiment 3

Are people willing to spend money to basically rent a book. I created this flow, with one book, if traffic is too little (which I do expect I will add another flow with another book)

If you wonder why I am adding the ‘designs’ of the pages and not the experiment itself. It’s because I wouldn’t want you to mess up with the numbers. I am sure if I promoted last weeks experiment on here, I would have had books added to the database, and not come to the (just) conclusion that the social library path wasn’t going anywhere.

Next week the results!

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