Leenboek.nl: Experiment 2 – it’s live

In our new proces, we take the riskiest assumptions to an idea and really validate (or invalidate) them. Which seems to be the absolute bridge between the ultimate timeboxing in 400 minutes and creating a big long-term idea (vs. creating a fluke)

So the previous riskiest assumption was to test whether people would actually sign up for a some sort of online library. You can still find the experiment here: http://www.leenboek.nl/sprint2/ This experiment validated, in fact it validated much better than I expected. So I persevered [<I will write about this]

However, apart from finding the perfect product – market fit I believe that in 400 minutes I try to do more. I am also trying to find a customer – design and product – technology fit. Such fancy words for something you build in 6.6 hours! I agree very much so, what I try to say is that I try to build it as quick and decent as possible and try to make it look as appealing as I can.

For the first experiment Leenboek worked really well but the framework and design wasn’t really on the level you would want it to be when actually trying to get people to register and add books. So I threw out the old design and quickly made a new one. I also chucked out the 1140 responsive layout, not because it was not good, in fact the layout is fantastic but I felt it took me too much time to get it right. Instead I started using the good old 960 grid again. So this 400 minute sprint was not just about creating a new MVP, it was als about sorting the design and tech out.

I am very happy that this week a new experiment has gone live, I will test whether people will actually add their books to leenboek.nl. For this I redesigned it, created 2 landingspages, 1 FAQ page, a registration page and a book adding module (using google books). After one day the results seem to point to having to pivot at this point (huray! I wish I could have failed faster!)

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