redesign in 400 minutes.

400 minutes: We are done!  has the basic html css and I made a keynote (dutch)presentatie

This week I am trying out a design 400 minutes. Redesigning a website in 400 minutes should be an easy one. I figured the startup could use a new design.

300 minutes: I had some extra time so I started to make the html for the homepage: Still 100 minutes, lets see if we can finish it and make the rest.
220 minutes: Added content pages. Finalizing design and preparing for preflight






180 minutes: I tried to finalize the design for the homepage, using the new logo and visual identity. Seriously; I have too much time for this!


140 minutes: Added a new sitesketch based on the new logo. I have too much time for this so I keep elaborating on the same





100 minutes: I have redefined the logo after struggling to use the current one and did some sketchwork.


60 minutes underway, I have done some small logo studies and created the first site sketch based on the current site


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