Mobile projects:You Snooze, You lose!

The last two weeks (800) minutes were spent going mobile. Almost every idea made before into a website would be better as a mobile app. However I can’t make mobile apps.

Needless to say; that had to change. The concept I wanted to build: an alarm app that would donate money to charity every time you snooze. So I spent the first 400 minutes on gathering what this would be like, setting up mobile environments and testing out various tools to make mobile apps.

Halfway the 2nd 400 minutes I realised that this idea already exists: which is awesome! So I spent the next part on finishing what I could finish and will spend the next week on turning this basic app into a great idea.

If you have an android device you can download the app on Use your android device to navigate to this url and install the app. What works: the app knows when it has registered (AlarmID™) and prompts if you havnt. If it prompts for an AlarmId, just fill in anything random, it will remember and never asks for it again. Don’t try to register, this button doesnt do anything. Further more setting the alarm works, snoozing it works and dismissing it works too. What doesnt work yet is donating money to charity (since the registration part is missing)

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