— Done

Had to take a lot of stuff out but at least it’s finished now.



— Halfway:
Since every week the concepts were becoming more and more ugly I decided to put more effort into making it look nice. Halfway I am glad I did. Homepage is done

— Start:

This week a practical solution. Does this sound familiar; you meet a few new people in a meeting and right after meeting them you forget their name (or even what they do)?

Well for me it is and I think it also is for a lot of other people so I wonder if a website could help with that.


400 minutes: I kept poor track of time, then again I have 400 minutes of photos to prove my progress 🙂 The very very very first version of the game is online at http://www.iwillshow.it It actually works. Now for the next project (400 minutes) is to build the website around it.

This is going to be fun! I will show it is a game of hints and pictionairy between two people. It uses the webcam to send a photo after 15 seconds to the other person, who has to guess what you mean by the photo that has been taken.

40 minutes: Initial idea made into concept and simple design of the homepage


http://www.iktwijfel.nu/ (dutch) is for people who cannot decide. I got inspired by the way people ask lots of seemingly meaningless stuff on twitter and decided to build a nicer frontend to it.

400+ minutes: done!
This is probably the ugliest and the worst website I made so far AND it took longer than 400 minutes. I think I skipped the design too fast which led to spending far too much time building front-end.

200 minutes: halfway done
http://www.iktwijfel.nu/ a lot of the html stuff is done, now we need to add a database and a few more pages.

120 minutes: Ready to start building

80 minutes: first visual design steps

YES! Finally a new concept again. Last weeks concept still is a secret but I will announce it soon! This week: “I noticed that things like #durftevragen and facebook polls are very popular” Why not use the internet when you doubt about or between options to help you choose!

Next weeks project: a big secret!

120 minutes: ok part of this is a secret, part isn’t I am making a new identity for architecto.nl. You can vote on your favourite logo so far, the next part will still be a secret. Feel free to vote and comment on this post.


What logo do you like best?

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Hows that, a secret project this week but this one will be fun. It does require me to create a somewhat nice visual identity for architecto.nl

Limoengroen.nl redesign in 400 minutes.

400 minutes: We are done! http://www.400minutes.com/limoengroen  has the basic html css and I made a keynote (dutch)presentatie

This week I am trying out a design 400 minutes. Redesigning a website in 400 minutes should be an easy one. I figured the startup limoengroen.nl could use a new design.

300 minutes: I had some extra time so I started to make the html for the homepage: http://400minutes.com/limoengroen/ Still 100 minutes, lets see if we can finish it and make the rest.
220 minutes: Added content pages. Finalizing design and preparing for preflight






180 minutes: I tried to finalize the design for the homepage, using the new logo and visual identity. Seriously; I have too much time for this!


140 minutes: Added a new sitesketch based on the new logo. I have too much time for this so I keep elaborating on the same





100 minutes: I have redefined the logo after struggling to use the current one and did some sketchwork.


60 minutes underway, I have done some small logo studies and created the first site sketch based on the current site



We’re done! Well over 200 minutes over budget but version 0.1 of megamapmap is online. Please take a look at http://www.megamapmap.com



You decided! MegaMapMap. Only 120 minutes left to go, I created some artwork and started building.

So this week I am making a way to plan your next (round)trip when you are going to a lot of different places during your holiday. So lets try to make this a little more interactive, I have two names: meepmap and megamapmap. You decide!

Mapmeep or Mega MapMap

  • Mega MapMap (62%, 8 Votes)
  • MapMeep (38%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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400 minutes

After finishing 3 concepts I noticed two important things. One: the concepts didn’t get any traffic at all, Two: the idea of doing a concept a week appeals to a lot of people. Since the previous concept Last minute souvenir got a lot of delay I decided to do a ‘lighter’ concept this time. I created a blog (which you are reading right now) twitter, facebook and tumblr where I could explain how I made the concepts and the lessons learned.

Process images