It is more than 2(!) months ago since the last update. And still the mobile project is not done yet. I stepped into my own pitfall again: Dont fall in love (http://www.400minutes.com/dont-fall-in-love/) so now I will do something else you should never do: Quit an idea (http://www.400minutes.com/never-quit-an-idea/) Or at least pause it. I still believe it is a fantastic idea but lat weekend I was at Lean Startup Machine Rotterdam (http://leanstartupmachine.com/events/rotterdam-october-26-28/) which was superawesome and gave me a lot of new insights.

One of the insights was pivot. Something I haven’t done at all so far (I have been starting over and over again) And also making the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) absolutely the minimum. So this week I pivoted my 400 minutes method by going for the absolute MVP, after a week pivot, persevere or abondon, and start off with a clean sheet and a new idea.

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