Time boxing is not about time, it is about making tough decisions

As I try all idea’s in the train, I simply can’t take any longer than 40 minutes to work on one task. These 40 minutes is long enough for any task. Strange enough the more you get to the end of your timeframe, the more productive you are. And unlike what you would assume, this increase in production is not at all a decrease in quality. On a few idea’s I cheated and worked a little longer at home on it. I found that in these periods I did less than in my 40 minute timeframe in the train. The closed timeframe allow you to really focus on one task. And it also forces you to take a decision that you would rather not take.

I noticed this when I was working on the first idea http://www.oneclickbookshop.com a lot. Quickly when I started working on it, I wanted to add a Google checkout / wallet function to it. However after spending 35 minutes on trying to connect it I didn’t manage to do it. So I spent 5 minutes on making 2 paypal buttons and I could close my task. In hindsight I dont mind using paypal instead of google checkout anymore

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