WWYGO – Where Would You Go

I remembered this idea when I heard a presentation about the design process of a travel website a short while ago. WWYGO solves a very basic need; I am going on a round trip and I want to get suggestions to where I should go. Reading this I am sure you think: “Isn’t that what tripadvisor is for?” and you are right, but instead of listening to tips from people I don’t know, I would rather get suggestions from my own friends.

This project took much longer than 400 minutes, and I have not been very disciplined about writing in every iteration, but it did iterate in 3 400 minutes sprints.

First sprint was about getting the starting your own map part right. So basically just about everything you see in http://www.wwygo.com. The second sprint was about getting the suggestions right, in other words everything you see inĀ http://www.wwygo.com/helpme.php?id=1670836001 (or any other map) The last sprint was the most challenging because it had to both connect the dots between the first two sprints, work out all the bugs that appeared along the way (a lot!) and at that point I did not know at all what to call it and how it should look (at that point the name still was “cocreatemyholiday”).

There are still a lot of things that need work on this site (for one it doesn’t work on small mobile screens) but I feel it has matured enough for a first version to see if the idea will stick with people. Feel free to try it out yourself at http://www.wwygo.comg and let me know what you think!

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